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I've been fairly busy/lazy all at once. I'm good like that?

I've got this massive year's worth of data entry I've been doing...ughhh

In the meantime, I've planted some stuff, since it's that time of year.
A rosehip, some chamomile, oregano, parsley, garlic chives, lemongrass, lavender,
cilantro, basil, 2 different tomato plants, a jalepeno, a japanese eggplant, some sweet peas, 2 blueberry bushes, a fig, a gardenia, arugala, frilly lettuce, ...
You know, looking at this list, I planted a lot more than I thought I did ^_^'

Oh, and I recently bought the first series of The Wallflower anime!
It's so adorable... I really love that manga, even though it's all het...

Ah, and I finally saw every pokemon in the Sinnoh region on my Pokemon Diamond game!
Er, ok, maybe that's only exciting to me? ^^;;

Also, reading Deathnote (only up to book 4)...Light annoys the living crap out of me...
I really wanna see him die a horrible death...or suffer a lot...anything really.
Though, I adore L ^__^
I think L is way smarter than Light, and Light only has the advantage because of his Shinigami...die Light, DIEEEE! hehe ^^
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So my new therapist wrote me an email yesterday and dumped me. Yeah, you read that right, my therapist dumped me. All she said as to why was that she felt I wasn't ready to be as open as I need to be for her to help me. Which, btw, doesn't make much sense to me...after 3 sessions.

Oh well, so much for that. I'm not gonna try another one...what's the friggin' point?

Besides, when I'm not totally depressed, I'm in a pretty good mood, heheh.

But, I do have a question for you...
She kept saying I was "defended" not defensive, but defended.
Am I? I always think I'm pretty much open with most people I meet...
If not downright, easy to get to know...

That's probably what I get for trying to make her know I like to do that? ^_^

But who knew, liking to make others laugh was a defensive tactic? O.o
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i'm feeling a little anxious today.
i recently decided i'm depressed and did something about it.
so today i go to see a therapist.
i'm mostly curious about the hypnotherapy techniques.
i'm curious as to what i've forgotten.

at any rate, i started watching a show i haven't seen before, called Head Case...
probably not the best show to watch before going to see a therapist ^^;
since it's all about a crazy therapist and her crazy star-studded clients.
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rereading my own lj
and liked quite a bit of it, and loathed the bits i didn't like...

at any rate i came across a quizzie thingy i'd taken about 3 years ago
and tried it again...

Your result for The Which D & D Class am I Test...


You are the master of tact and guile. So much so that you rely upon little else to get you through this world. What good is a sword if you can't find your target? What good is a spell when your spell book is missing? These are questions the unfortunate ones that arouse your ire end up pondering moments before you do something horrific and irreparable to them. You are probably the best planner/schemer in your group, but unfortunately, nobody has listened to you since that time your plan involved not telling the barbarian about the pit-trap so that the villain would think his plan had worked and come out of hiding (even though Rothgar or whatever his name is was fine after a week's rest and the villain DID come out of hiding... geez). People get a rubbed the wrong way when you start (inevitably) thinking of them as pieces on a chess board.

Take The Which D & D Class am I Test
at HelloQuizzy

now adays i play d&d and find it hilarious that i play what i am in this quiz...

and when i took this quiz 3 years ago, before i began playing D&D, i was a
ranger ^_^

also, i used to post a lot more often about my thoughts...maybe i should do that some more...or again.
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so, after reading friend lance's latest post about personality testing
i decided to go and retest myself...

4 times later, it turns out i am 2 times ENFJ and 2 times INFJ
which probably explains quite a bit about why i sometimes like some people
and other times don' all depends on whether i am currently
introverted or currently extroverted.

then i decided to go retest my IQ, cause sometimes i'm fairly convinced i'm dumb...
but i'm 136, which is not too stupid? ^^;
ah to be gifted though, that'd be nice...

at any rate, i had a reasonably nice weekend in which i watched a live show
of bellydancers, and then went and gamed on sunday. oh, and i made a vat of chili...
exciting eh? ^_^
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so, 3rd visit to doc today and after an allergy test
it turns out i have a level IV(the highest level) candida albicans...
which is a yeast bacteria that occurs naturally within the body.
the funny part is, i am apparently highly allergic to it.
which i find kinda amusing, as in a way, it means i'm allergic to myself ^^;

at any rate, after a hair analysis, i have no toxins, and yet, it seems
that's because my body keeps all of them inside and turns them to pure poison...

so, i get a diet with little to no sugars, more protien, and less carbs...

oh, and like 7 more suppliments to take...urgh.

in the meantime! i finally broke down and watched Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's latest show.
and i have to say...why is everyone saying it's bad? i think it's fascinating, and very whedon in it's plotiness. so if you too are holding back because you've heard bad things about it, don't! go watch it on, where the latest 5 episodes are available to watch freely.
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so, thinking on the last post, as i picked up the dog and then went to get cracked at the chiropractor, i had an idea...not an original one or anything...but

how about i write something for you?

let me know something you'd like to read
almost any fandom (what? i can study things about it ^_^)
almost any pairing
and almost any length

though, no requests for continuations of things i've already got going
cause those stories are...well, not done, but also not going anywhere.

ultimately, i guess i like writing for people...
and that's why i write.
so that when i feel like there's no one to write for, what's the point?
hence the lack of writing? i dunno...i need to be needed? or wanted?
sorry, just trying to figure out why i stopped writing... ^^;
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so over the weekend i did a lot of reading of fanfics
and it reminded me that once upon a time i used to write too...

the fandom i read this weekend was Psych, and i was wondering
if anyone on my list watched that show? and if so...
would you like to read a shawn/lassiter from me?

i dunno, recently at the doctor's she asked why i didn't
write anymore. and i said "because no one cares anymore, they've all gone
so why should i write for people who aren't there?"

see, if you didn't know this already, i don't write for myself,
i write for others...because i already know the stories
that live in my head, and the only reason to write them
out is to share them.

but maybe i suck, and maybe no one wants to read them...
or maybe i'm just lazy...

anyways, anyone like psych? ^^
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Boobs are, really.
i saw the inside of mine today ^_^'
well, it was all black and white and liney, but it was my boob in sonar.

anyways, i have a non-simple cyst in my left breast, which as i said to the doctor
"i guess that means it's complex, since it's not simple?" jokingly i said this, because i have a theory that if you can't laugh at everything, then you might just cry at it all.
but then he nodded and said "yes, it's not simple."

so in about 3 months they're gonna look at it again and see if it's changed at all,
in the meantime, they don't know if that's what's even causing the green booby discharge...

the good news though, is i got a call from my new primary, and i do not have aids! sweet!
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so lately i've been going through a bit of a health crisis.
and it's sort of gotten to the point where i can't ignore it...

looking up the syptoms i've been having for nearly 3 years
it came back with some answers
TB, Cancer, Aids...weee?

got myself tested for Tb and it seems to be inconclusive.
no word on the Aids test yet, and when my left boob
decided to discharge green on friday night...i decided
i can maybe be worried now, more so than before about the
Cancer issue.

either that, or it's alien impregnation? ^^;

anyways, i thought i'd let you know about this stuff,
so that if i leave a message saying i've got one of the above
items, you won't be like "whaaat?"

sigh...Greeen came out of my boob...GREEN

lol, sorry, still a little weirded out by that,
though supposedly it's normal!?

so let me ask you, have you Ever heard of someone having green
come out of their boob? someone who is definitely not pregnant, nor lactating?
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anyone know what's up with what looks like russian people friending now on lj?
i keep getting friended by people with a language, which might be russian...
why? and what about you?

i suppose

Nov. 18th, 2008 09:18 am
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i ought to write something about something in here, but i've not much to say.

so roughly 2 months have passed since dragoncon,
though it seems like more time has passed than that.

i've been playing much guildwars, just cause,
and discovered that i like playing as a mage/elementalist/sorcerer.

mom's chemo is progressing, she's now got only 3 more to go
after the one she is currently doing. yay! and ugh...

i've been thinking i should write something just to keep my hand in,
but...hey, maybe this post can count as that?
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i found a few, i know more exist on friend's cameras...hint, HINT

and a vid of sire lancelot doing his serious impression of sirius
with charlotte, alex and i laughing and hiding in the background.
i'd be the one with "something" on my back ^_^


some pics hidehere )

anyways, it was a blast and splendiforous
and i can't wait for next year
also, i got about 6 hours of sleep in four days...ZZzzzzz
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So...last week my shoulder decided to wreak merry havock on me
by tightening to the point of pain and refusing to let go...
it was owie.

Anyways, i realized my original costume idea for dragoncon
would probably injure the shoulder more, and had to think fast.
think of new costumes that is.

i will not tell you of the original idea, as i'm hoping
no one will dress as it and i can do it next year ^_^'

instead i've got 3 costumes going and a lack of time i had'na noticed.

1: donna as the bride "doooccctoooorrr!"

2: donna with "something" on her back

3: leela from futurama w/nibbler ^_^

when they're done, i shall get someone to take pictures of them for ya, mmk?


Aug. 14th, 2008 08:57 am
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so, i actually have a few things to say, a rarity.

at the end of the month i go to my very first Dragoncon!
i will not let you know what i'm going as just yet, tis a secret.
but right before i go i will tell thee...mwhahahaa

in other news, mom's 2nd round of chemo hit her so hard
it was not amusing in any light. she wound up spending 3 days not eating, puking up anything she did try to eat, and basically being as miserable as you can be without actaully dying.
10 more rounds of this? weee....
i spent a sleepless 3 nights fearing she'd choke on her
own vomit in her sleep and die. argh.
but now she's feeling reasonably human yay, for the moment.

ok, back to the dragoncon thing. anyone else going?
i figure all the more reason to let you know what
my costume should be fairly original. therefore,
i ought to be easily found? also, it will be large...heheh

i don't want anyone knowing what it is yet, incase someone gets my idea
and copies it. then again, it has been proven to me more than once
that ideas sleet through the universe and hit more than one head at a time.
so it's pretty much a given that someone else has gotten my idea...ya know?

i have other things to say, but don't want to bore ya, so i shall stop now
and try to remember for another time.
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just in case anyone was like me and pretty much had no clue.
the wonderful joss whedon came out with a 3 act show
find it on youtube or itunes "dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog"
and enjoy getting songs stuck in your head for eons...
did i mention it has nathan fillion(mal) and neil patrick harris(doogie)?

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so i thought i'd best leave a note letting you know i'm alive.

this here be it.

so let's see, things that have happened:

mom got colon cancer, then got surgery, and is now recovering.
all is well.

we rewatched all 4 seasons of top chef...and my god are the completely
inside top chef jokes rolling.

went and saw prince caspian, twas well done.
i guess no one remembers that the book was mostly battles too...?

bought 3 new bongs...not all at once, but rather as each one broke ^^;
what? i'm really bad with glass...anything.

hmmm, my plants are growing, i've got roses, jalepeno peppers, strawberries, japanese eggplants, grape tomatoes...mmmm, oh, and 5 different mints -grin-

oh! and i played my first d&d type game in over 15 years, hehe
it was fun. mm, for those that care it was "world of darkness"

ah, and lastly, i've been sewing stuff...mostly aprons,
cause they're easy, and i actually use them.
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well, things have happened, sure. but do you really
want to hear about them?

i got my cervix lazered? lol
or, is that lasered? hmmm
either way, i appear to be cancer free! woot!

but, i caught my 2nd cold in 2 months...grr

in between all that, i bought a shitload of plants
and planted...most of them.
a list? sure.

2 seedless grapes
1 bing cherry tree(semi-dwarf)
1 granny smith apple tree(semi-dwarf)
1 red delicious apple tree(semi-dwarf)
1 apricot tree
1 honeysuckle bush
4 lilacs
6 rose bushes(that smell like #@^%! roses!)
6 strawberry plants
2 different mints
a little plant called a "pilea" which i got cause hey
it's a demon dimension! hehe

so besides sickness, and planting, i also started playing
age of empires III, with the war chiefs expansion ^_^


Mar. 8th, 2008 08:36 am
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mom brought home a cold two weeks ago, it incubated.
first mom got it, then i did. argh?

this is from all her flying to and from florida once a month.
damn germ filled flying machines!

so yeah, i'm sick.
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