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24: What is your favorite color, the one you like on everything and to see everywhere?

25: When was the first time you were aware sex existed? Or you know, that something went on with people below the belts in their pants, and sometimes it was with one another?

26: Condom? Birth Control? Or something else for a preventative measure?

27: If you could shape shift and become anyone, who would you chose to become for
an extended period of time?
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of the dreaded doctor appointment in which precancerous cells shall
be removed from my cervix with...i dunno, quite possibly a rusty butter knife...
but let's hope that's not the case eh?

anyways, i'm making the post to let you know i'm not
gonna be around today. i'm drugging myself up to the gills
and going to that horror story.
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1. Those of you who use iTunes, post the first line of each song on your 25 Most Played list, no matter how embarrassing
2. Let your friends guess all your "favorite" songs and artists!
3. Strike through and credit the winner as each song is guessed.

like Riskygamble whom i stole this from, i'm gonna skip the instrumental stuff...cause how would i put lyrics down for you to guess? unfortunately that gets rid of half the stuff right off the bat ^^

also: if there are still a huge amount unguessed in a day or two
then i shall add more lyrics to the unguessed
in an attempt to make them guessable.

musical guesses )
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so, my most horrible dreams, aka nightmares seem to happen right before i wake. i know this was the case today, as i got up to pee at around 7:30 and then went back to bed and had a bad dream.

I just remember thinking that my cat could really use some new fur, heck, a whole new body. So i laid her down on the floor and chopped off her head. My thought being i'd just stuff her brain back in or something. except as soon as i chopped off her head i put her all in the trash.
Then, i went to get the supplies to put her into another body...including grabbing my cat up...whole and unharmed.
yet since things work differently in dreams, it didn't dawn on me that she was still whole and unharmed and in my arms.
so i got some knives, and an empty sack of black fur that was a cat already skinned and ready to go on my own cat. then i found the blue liquid that apparently had the ability to knock my cat out. so i started to administer the drug to my kitty via her mouth. having to keep catching her and squirt more down her.
at one point i laid her down on the floor and gently tilted her head back, stretching her out and measuring her up against the black empty kitty fur. according to eye-measurements, she would fit. but later when i looked at her, she was walking around with her head upside from having tilted it back...
as the knock-out drug started to work on her, i started to freak out. cause it meant it was coming soon, i'd have to kill her and put her in the other fur.
i got more and more upset about it, tears coming, heart racing. her pupils were getting enormous signaling she was almost out...and then my alarm went off.

i woke up, and immediately realized, i'd already chopped off her head earlier, and yet she'd been alive and whole as i'd set up my little surgery, i was stupid in my dreams ^_^'
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for some reason it's easier to question thricely rather than once? ^_^

21: Cat or dog?

22: Hotdog or Hamburger?

23: Coke or Pepsi?

haha, what?
if your answer is neither, put it down as neither.
meanwhile, i'm gonna have a cat, a hotdog, and a coke ;p
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man, february is moving fast.

20: What's a song that got caught in your head,
that you didn't enjoy being caught in your head?

as a matter of fact, you hated it, and felt as
if eventually your head might explode and splatter
the walls somewhere with bad melodies and cheesy lyrics.
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i'm so damned lazy...questions?

17: Would you ever sell your body for money? and if so, how much money would be enough to make you sell your body to a very ugly or unattractive person?

18: Do you eat according to craving, or by what's available, or perhaps a bit of both?

19: What's your least favorite household chore, you know, the one you always procrastinate about?
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16: if you could only watch one movie for the rest of eternity, and no matter what movie you put in, no matter the theatre you went to, the movie was always this one movie...what would the movie be?
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no, i'm not getting married.

but i did watch an anime i hadn't seen before. and now i feel the need to ask others out there if they might have seen it.

the anime? Saiyuki.
have you seen it? wanna talk pairings? i'm tempted to write story for it...but i need a bit of encouragement and someone who would read it. ^_^'
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15: This one i feel needs a bit of explanation...after the the form of more questions...

Why do you wear the clothes you wear?

because of the way they fit? to draw attention? because they're in style? because you feel like it? because of the pretty colors? someone else picks out your style for you?
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oops, i'm lazy. but you know that by now, right? right??
that's not one of the questions ;p

13: If you had nothing to entertain you at all. and were in fact floating in a void containing only yourself for amusement. how would you relieve your boredom?

14: Sometimes i think humans are icky, so filled with fluids. how do you feel about the human body and its various fluids?
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heheh, i was lazy this weekend?
but then today i noticed most
of the other people i know doing this
february questions thing
were lazy this weekend too ^_^

okie! on to the next questions...

10: If you could have anything for a pet (including those non-existent kind) what would you have?

11: Do you like pornography, and if so, what do you prefer? pictures, words, movies?

12: Has a movie ever made you cry? If so, which one was it?
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9: What do you call your personal "private parts" when referring to them in conversation?

thanks to watching too much Scrubs i tend to slip and call mine a "bajingo"...thank you elliot reid >_<;

ooo, yum

Feb. 8th, 2008 10:08 am
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8: what's the best thing you've ever eaten in your life?


Feb. 7th, 2008 11:08 am
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i really enjoyed reading your responses to my questions ^__^
i like knowing weird stuff like that.

so today

7: If there existed a special plant that could grow anything, even things that don't exist, what would it grow for you?

mine would grow cheese, any cheese i could think of, they would ripen slowly, as cheese is wont to do. but perhaps i would need a second plant to grow the goat cheeses, after all, where would i get my feta?

this question brought to you by me gardening today. I'm even pulling out the leaf blower/mulcher and having at the dead leaves! i'm also very excited by the bulbs i planted in fall actually coming up! i shall have many flowers, bwhahahaa.
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i like being a lemming.
if my friends jumped off bridges,
i would gladly help push them off...heh

everyone is asking daily questions of their f-list,
and i like that idea.
if anything it gives me something to post about.

so, to catch up to everyone else, i shall post 6 ^_^'
answer those you want, or else! (feel free to write
your answers in essay form)

1: What was your first pet, and did you name it?(inanimate pets count!)

2: Do you like the name you were given at birth? or do you want to (or already have) change it?

3: If you had to lose one sense(out of the 5), and had no choice about losing one, which one would you chose to lose?

4: If offered the drug of your choice on a platter, what would that drug be? (alcohol counts!)

5: Did your parents get a divorce?(any set if more than one set applies)

6: Who taught you how to ride a bike? if anyone did?
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that's what i am today!
oh heck, everyday ^_^'

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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with some of my beloved xmas amazon monies
i bought:

Legos Star Wars II! ^_____^
for those who have not played this, i find it
not only amusing as all hell, but quite fun too.
so much so, that i was forced to finally buy it.
especially since it's now considered a "classic" and sells for $20 ^_____^

by the way, so just out of curiousity.
my family is strict about "thank you" notes
how strict is your family about them?
were you raised to write 'thank you' notes for gifts recieved?
if you do write them, how long does it tend to take
for you to get them sent?
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ok, so, i was kinda seeing this guy...for the past few months.
and i thought everything was pretty cool
though some part of me was always like "don't trust him! something about him is lying!"
and though i didn't ignore this feeling, i did shove it off as being paranoid.

well, he cheated on me...

and now, after getting my stuff from him last night (various media)
i wonder if i should bother to even try to remain friends with him.
he acted like he wanted to come in, but i wasn't sure.
maybe he just wanted to step in out of the cold...though it wasn't that
cold last night.

at any rate, i'm asking you, unbiased friends, haha

what do you think?
should i email him and ask him
if he wants to remain friends?
or should it be obvious and i'm blind?


Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:06 am
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it snowed!
all last night it snowed!
and now the world outside is covered in white
everything is cold and shivering
the birds are 5 times their normal sizes
with poofy feathering.

have i mentioned how i love the snow? ^__^

in a bit, i shall dress warmly and go walking in
the snow, leaving behind messy footprints.

hurrah! it's winter!
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