Mar. 30th, 2009

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so, after reading friend lance's latest post about personality testing
i decided to go and retest myself...

4 times later, it turns out i am 2 times ENFJ and 2 times INFJ
which probably explains quite a bit about why i sometimes like some people
and other times don' all depends on whether i am currently
introverted or currently extroverted.

then i decided to go retest my IQ, cause sometimes i'm fairly convinced i'm dumb...
but i'm 136, which is not too stupid? ^^;
ah to be gifted though, that'd be nice...

at any rate, i had a reasonably nice weekend in which i watched a live show
of bellydancers, and then went and gamed on sunday. oh, and i made a vat of chili...
exciting eh? ^_^
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rereading my own lj
and liked quite a bit of it, and loathed the bits i didn't like...

at any rate i came across a quizzie thingy i'd taken about 3 years ago
and tried it again...

Your result for The Which D & D Class am I Test...


You are the master of tact and guile. So much so that you rely upon little else to get you through this world. What good is a sword if you can't find your target? What good is a spell when your spell book is missing? These are questions the unfortunate ones that arouse your ire end up pondering moments before you do something horrific and irreparable to them. You are probably the best planner/schemer in your group, but unfortunately, nobody has listened to you since that time your plan involved not telling the barbarian about the pit-trap so that the villain would think his plan had worked and come out of hiding (even though Rothgar or whatever his name is was fine after a week's rest and the villain DID come out of hiding... geez). People get a rubbed the wrong way when you start (inevitably) thinking of them as pieces on a chess board.

Take The Which D & D Class am I Test
at HelloQuizzy

now adays i play d&d and find it hilarious that i play what i am in this quiz...

and when i took this quiz 3 years ago, before i began playing D&D, i was a
ranger ^_^

also, i used to post a lot more often about my thoughts...maybe i should do that some more...or again.


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