Mar. 3rd, 2009

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so over the weekend i did a lot of reading of fanfics
and it reminded me that once upon a time i used to write too...

the fandom i read this weekend was Psych, and i was wondering
if anyone on my list watched that show? and if so...
would you like to read a shawn/lassiter from me?

i dunno, recently at the doctor's she asked why i didn't
write anymore. and i said "because no one cares anymore, they've all gone
so why should i write for people who aren't there?"

see, if you didn't know this already, i don't write for myself,
i write for others...because i already know the stories
that live in my head, and the only reason to write them
out is to share them.

but maybe i suck, and maybe no one wants to read them...
or maybe i'm just lazy...

anyways, anyone like psych? ^^
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so, thinking on the last post, as i picked up the dog and then went to get cracked at the chiropractor, i had an idea...not an original one or anything...but

how about i write something for you?

let me know something you'd like to read
almost any fandom (what? i can study things about it ^_^)
almost any pairing
and almost any length

though, no requests for continuations of things i've already got going
cause those stories are...well, not done, but also not going anywhere.

ultimately, i guess i like writing for people...
and that's why i write.
so that when i feel like there's no one to write for, what's the point?
hence the lack of writing? i dunno...i need to be needed? or wanted?
sorry, just trying to figure out why i stopped writing... ^^;


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