Aug. 14th, 2008


Aug. 14th, 2008 08:57 am
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so, i actually have a few things to say, a rarity.

at the end of the month i go to my very first Dragoncon!
i will not let you know what i'm going as just yet, tis a secret.
but right before i go i will tell thee...mwhahahaa

in other news, mom's 2nd round of chemo hit her so hard
it was not amusing in any light. she wound up spending 3 days not eating, puking up anything she did try to eat, and basically being as miserable as you can be without actaully dying.
10 more rounds of this? weee....
i spent a sleepless 3 nights fearing she'd choke on her
own vomit in her sleep and die. argh.
but now she's feeling reasonably human yay, for the moment.

ok, back to the dragoncon thing. anyone else going?
i figure all the more reason to let you know what
my costume should be fairly original. therefore,
i ought to be easily found? also, it will be large...heheh

i don't want anyone knowing what it is yet, incase someone gets my idea
and copies it. then again, it has been proven to me more than once
that ideas sleet through the universe and hit more than one head at a time.
so it's pretty much a given that someone else has gotten my idea...ya know?

i have other things to say, but don't want to bore ya, so i shall stop now
and try to remember for another time.


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